The Profession of Magician - A Detailed Job Description

During my performances, I’m often asked about my life as a professional magician. In this article, I’ll explain what the job of a magician entails, as well as the challenges that come with it. You’ll learn everything you need to know about education, working conditions, salary, and career opportunities as a magician.

Education and Job Description

How does one become a magician?

There is no formal education required to become a magician. Most magicians learn through disciplined self-study and a lot of practice. While there are some schools and academies that offer magic courses, I have yet to meet a full-time magician who attended one of these schools. The path to a professional magician career is mostly traveled alone. That’s how I did it. I’ve described how you can do it too in my step-by-step guide to a professional magician career.

Is talent necessary to become a magician?

Talent is less important than many people think. What’s more important is hard work and a lot of practice to improve your skills. A good magician is someone who practices until their performance is perfect.

Is a magician an artist?

Yes, most magicians are artists. They have to master various techniques and tricks and creatively combine them with entertaining presentations in their own style. The best magicians create something magical that has never been seen before. However, some magicians are content to perform the effects and presentations of other magicians. These magicians are not artists, but professional craftsmen.

What are the requirements to become a magician?

Magicians must like people and be generally positive towards them. They should not have difficulty being in the center of attention and they must have a high level of discipline and responsibility. It is important that they are willing to admit mistakes and learn from them without being discouraged by setbacks. Anyone with these qualities can become a successful magician.

What do you need to learn to become a magician?

To become a successful magician, you should learn about different types of magic and various trick methods. Then, you should specialize in your own style and market it. It’s also important to have good stage presence and be able to entertain the audience.

What are the job and activity areas for magicians?

Magicians primarily work in the entertainment industry and perform on various stages. They can also perform at private events such as birthday parties, company parties, and weddings. Some magicians also work as entertainers on cruise ships or specialize in team-building events or trade shows. They often travel and perform in different locations.

What tools do magicians use?

Magicians work with a variety of props, such as cards, coins, ropes, and other props. They also use technical support such as microphones, speakers, and screen projections when performing for larger audiences.

Salary and daily life

How much does a magician earn?

It depends on many factors, such as experience, reputation, and location. A professional magician can earn a good salary if they regularly perform on large stages or are booked as headliners for events. The range of annual salaries is very wide and ranges from 12,000 euros to six to seven-figure sums. In America, the average annual salary for magicians is around $35,000 and in the UK, it’s £31,000. It’s likely to be similar in Europe. I wrote more about the prices of magicians in my blog article.

What does the daily life of a professional magician look like?

The daily life of a magician can be very varied. Sometimes, they spend many hours practicing tricks and illusions and preparing for shows. But there can also be periods when they travel a lot and perform in different cities and countries. For magicians who manage themselves, their daily routine also includes responding to inquiries and having phone conversations with clients.

Learning and talent

Can you learn magic?

Yes, you can learn magic. Professional teaching materials, discipline, and lots of practice are crucial to becoming a successful magician.

What is the best way to learn magic?

The best way to learn magic is through self-study with the help of professional instructions. There are numerous magic effects available for purchase and sometimes even free instructions on the internet. What you learn exactly is up to your own taste. You can find a lot of inspiration on YouTube.

How do you get started in magic as a hobby?

Find out which type of magic you like best. Watch numerous professional magicians to get inspiration. The internet is a great source for that. Choose a trick that you want to learn. Then practice it regularly until it works perfectly. Gain experience by performing it to your friends, etc. Learn from your mistakes and improve through that. If you notice your passion for magic growing, consider whether this could be a possible career for you. And if you don’t feel that passion, at least you’ve learned a great magic trick that you can use to entertain your friends and family for the rest of your life.

What career opportunities are there for magicians?

A magician can perform on many different stages. This ranges from theater and variety shows, to cruises, corporate and private events, to television appearances. There is also the possibility of working as a teacher or writer for magic or offering team-building events. Additionally, there are some magicians who are mainly interested in the technical and mechanical methods of magic. These magicians work as creative inventors and builders behind the scenes and sell their effects and methods to other magicians.

Future of the profession

Magic has experienced a boom in recent years and this trend is likely to continue. More and more people are interested in seeing magicians and the interest in magic as an art form is steadily growing. As long as people are well enough off to spend money on entertainment, good magicians will have their income. Unlike numerous digital professions which are threatened by the rapid development of artificial intelligence, manual professions, including magic, will be secure in the coming years.

Famous magicians

Who are the most famous magicians?

There are many famous magicians who have been successful in the past and present. Some of the most famous magicians of all time include Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, and David Blaine. These magicians not only performed impressive feats on stage but also helped improve and popularize the image of the magician profession.

Impact on the industry

Prominent magicians have contributed to increasing interest in the art of magic and professionalizing the industry. They have also raised the expectations of audiences for the quality of magic shows.


The profession of magician is fascinating to many. Although there is no formal education for it, one can become a professional magician through self-study and lots of practice. Magicians mainly work in the entertainment industry and can earn a good salary, depending on their experience and reputation. Interest in the world of magic has grown in recent years thanks to prominent magicians.

Overall, the profession of magician is an exciting and rewarding but also tough job that requires discipline, dedication, and hard work. If you dream of becoming a magician, don’t be discouraged and instead set out to achieve your goal. I did, and there is not a single day in my life that makes me regret my decision.

Fabian Schneekind

I have been a professional magician and illusionist for many years, specializing in business and networking events, team building activities, and Christmas parties. Additionally, I have focused on breaking the ice between guests as a wedding magician. In my blog, I aim to share my experiences with event planners to make their planning process easier. Furthermore, I enjoy imparting my knowledge to aspiring magicians to provide them with insights into the life of a professional magician.