Do you want to book an event- or business magician?

Booking me as your event-magician might help your event to turn into a wonderful success. My magic will help to break the ice and create a fun atmosphere for your guests. This will help them to connect with each other. Read on to find out what other advantages my magic might bring to your corporate events and business parties. 

The guests are applauding the eventmagician Fabian Schneekind
The guests can not believe their eyes after watching a magic trick by the magician Fabian Schneekind.

“We had a wonderful evening with Fabian at our international business event. He made the evening magical with his wits, enthusiasm, and interesting stories.”

Sandra S. (Daimler AG)


As an icebreaker, my magic acts provide your corporate guests with a reason to talk to each other and share their reactions to the seemingly impossible things happening right in front of their eyes. This creates an opportunity for them to get to know each other better. I make my business magic interactive and try to involve as many people as possible in the effects. When I see people watching from a distance, I invite them to join the group so that everyone can enjoy the magic together. This helps break the ice and create a welcoming atmosphere.

At a networking event the guests enjoy watching the magic of the magician Fabian Schneekind

Highlight for your guests

As a caring host, you want to give your guests a wonderful experience. And if they keep a pleasant memory of it for a long while, even better. This is where I can support you. My corporate magic show and my closeup magic are a highlight for your event. Your guests will experience impossible things and discover something we felt the last time when we were children. The joy of wonder.

The guests are enjoying the magic show at their christmas party.

Photos and memories

People will react to the unbelievable things they witness. Your guests will smile, laugh, and open their eyes wide in surprise. In these moments, we let go of our guard and the masks we usually wear. We rediscover our childlike joy and build real human connections. This is wonderful in itself, but it also opens up a chance for your photographers. They have the chance to take fantastic, authentic pictures of these moments. The perfect memory!

The guests are laughing, when an unexpected magic trick happens in their hand.


In my 30 minutes workshop, your guests can learn a magic trick. They will practice the magic effect itself and the presentation with me. When we have finished, a magical transformation will have happened. Interested guests will have turned into keen magicians. These newborn magicians will then share their new skills with the other guests and spread wonder and joy over your event. If you are interested in my fulltime teambuilding event, you can find more information here.

The employees are learning a magic trick together with the magician Fabian Schneekind


As the host, you have plenty of things to take care of. Due to my experience as a magician at events, business parties, birthday parties, and Christmas parties of every size and colour, I will not be one of these things. I have learned how to take care of your guests and will not need your constant attention. As soon as you give me the starting signal, I will give your guests a fantastic experience and entertain them while you can take care of other important things, knowing your guests are in good hands.

The guests at this high class event are laughing, when the magician Fabian Schneekind shows his magic.

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