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Welcome! Do you want to book a magician? Let me show you how I can turn your eventteambuilding event or wedding into a fantastic experience for your guests.

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A professional, smiling magician with a deck of playing cards in his hand.

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My experience for your event

Are you trying to find a highlight for your event? I bring in years of experience as a magician at corporate events, weddings, and business parties. This experience helps me to always find the right tone for my approach to your guests. Not only will I deliver a fantastic magicshow for your guests, but I will also give it some depth to make it meaningful.

“We had a wonderful evening with Fabian at our international business event. He made the evening magical with his wits, enthusiasm, and interesting stories.”

Sandra S. (Daimler AG)

Good reasons to book me as a magician for your event.


I will give your guests a fantastic and impossible experience. They will laugh and be amazed. Whenever I see the chance, I will connect your guests and invite them to join in and enjoy the magic together. Your guests will make decisions and experience the pure feeling of wonder. While I approach the next group, they can still sit together and reflect on what they just saw. When my magic show ends, I often see them mingling in small groups and discussing possible solutions to the impossible things they just witnessed. This breaks the ice!

Unforgettable memories

Although you are directly in front of the magic happening, you will not believe your eyes. Things will vanish or transform in your hands. Your guests will have no explanation and enjoy feeling like a kid again. They will remember these pleasant memories for a long time. In these moments of astonishment, your photographers can take amazing pictures with honest emotions. These will make for long-lasting memories that you can share even with those who were not there when it happened.

Creative Storytelling

I give meaning to all my magic effects. They carry my personal touch. Often I give them depth or a sense of meaning. Great storytelling has always fascinated me and I want to share this experience with you. I studied the best storytellers in the world and gathered all the information about the psychology of entertainment I could find. This gives me the knowledge to understand the difference between a mediocre magic trick and a fantastic magical experience.

You can be assured that your guests will have a great time, when you book me as a magician.

With his charming and unintrusive approach, Fabian connects people in short time who did not know each other before.

Daniel and Hanna F.

Frequently asked questions

How did you become a magician? I started my career as a magician with a card trick. It was taught to me by my cousin, who used it to trick people into giving him free drinks in bars. And although I enjoyed it for a different reason, I was soon bringing my playing cards everywhere to show the magic tricks I learned on Youtube. Slowly I professionalised my magic and could earn my first money. I then started working my magic at business events in Berlin and Hamburg. And in the summers I did my first wedding magic as a wedding magician in Potsdam. By now, I have turned into a full-time professional entertainer. I am happy to make a living being the best magician I can be.

Do you speak languages other than English? Yes! My native language is German. 

Where can I book you? Although I offer most of my services as a magician in Berlin, I enjoy travelling and discovering new places. You can especially book me as a magician in Hamburg and Munich as well, but I also travel to other places. Wherever in Germany or abroad you plan your event, feel free to send me an inquiry, and I will gladly answer it.

Are you doing Close Up magic only? No. I love doing Closeup magic, but I also perform on stage. You can find some pictures of my stage magic show in the gallery

Can your magic workshop improve my Teambuilding event? Yes! My team building concept with magic workshops will help your team to grow together and improve the vibe in your team. You can find more information on this in the Teambuilding area.

More frequently asked questions

Will my guests enjoy your magic show? Yes! I have spent much time improving my program, and although I feel it was already good years ago, the experience I gained since then helped me to fine-tune it and improve it even more. This helps me to deliver a great experience, even for demanding guests. I show only high-class magic that I would enjoy watching myself. That is probably the reason I only received positive reviews up to this day. 

Can I hire you as a magician for my birthday party? Yes. I would enjoy doing magic for you and your guests at your birthday party.

How much do you charge for your magic show? I create individual plans with my customers. Usually, my price depends mainly on the required date and the location. Send me your inquiry, and I will gladly work out a quotation for your individual needs. 

Can I book you to do magic at a trade fair?  Yes! I do magic to help you present your products at trade fairs and similar events. You can find more information about my business and event magic here.

Do you give public magic shows? Occasionally, yes. Mostly I am booked as a magician for private events and parties, but sometimes I do public events. I announce them on my social media channels. You can also find me at some wedding fairs, where I show my wedding magic.