How to recognize a good magician?

You have decided to book a magician for your event. Of course, you want to find the best magician you can. But how can you be sure that the magician you book will truly amaze your guests and create a pleasant atmosphere?

Unfortunately, I have heard of event organizers who were dissatisfied with the magician they booked for their company party in the past. To prevent this from happening to you, I have gathered some tips to help you assess the quality of a magician.

The guests can not believe their eyes, when watching the magic effect by the wedding magician Fabian Schneekind.

What factors can help you find a good magician?

1. Personal experience or recommendation

If you have personally seen the magician perform, or someone whose taste you trust recommends the magician to you, then chances are good you will get exactly what you hope for. A great highlight for your party.

2. Videos

Photos can deceive, but on videos, you can usually get a good impression of the magician. Pay particular attention to whether the guests and audience look like they are having fun with the magic.

3. Reviews and ratings

Research if there are reviews on the internet. Does he have a Google Business page where customers can post their reviews? If not, why not? Of course, reviews can also be faked and are never a sufficient factor on their own, but they can help with decision making.

4. Photos

Do the guests in the magician’s photos look like they are having fun? Then it was probably true in reality. However, you should use the photos as well as the reviews as additional help and not make your decision solely based on pictures.

5. Call him

On the phone, you will quickly determine whether you like the magician or not. Have him describe what his magic looks like and what he can do for you. Do you feel that he is listening attentively to you and taking your wishes into account? That’s a good sign.

6. The text on his website

His text description on the website is the most uncertain signal and I mention it only for completeness. Here, any magician can let their imagination run wild and write whatever they want about themselves. Unfortunately, some magicians adorn themselves with invented prizes and questionable trophies, such as the Merlin Award. This is an award that, according to my research, can be bought for money. This is fraudulent and unfair to all other magicians, especially those who have won real awards and championships.

Also, it is by no means proof of high quality when a magician writes about his many years of experience. Experience is certainly an advantage, but not a guarantee of quality. It is also possible to present a mediocre to poor program for over twenty years. Then you have a very experienced magician, but still not a good magician.

So be careful here and give more weight to all the other factors in your evaluation than the texts on the website.


If, after considering all these factors, you still don’t have a confident feeling with the magician, then ask if he would be willing to meet with you personally or continue searching until you have a good feeling.

Then you will surely be successful in finding a great magician for your event. 

The magician Fabian Schneekind entertains the VIP guests at a high profile event in Germany.

Fabian Schneekind

I have been a professional magician and illusionist for many years, specializing in business and networking events, team building activities, and Christmas parties. Additionally, I have focused on breaking the ice between guests as a wedding magician. In my blog, I aim to share my experiences with event planners to make their planning process easier. Furthermore, I enjoy imparting my knowledge to aspiring magicians to provide them with insights into the life of a professional magician.