How much does a magician cost?

If you are considering booking a magician, the cost plays a role.

To give you a better understanding of the prices of magicians, I will try to provide you with better insights. This can help you recognize a fair and optimal offer for you.

But please note: every magician sets their fee themselves. There is no tariff regulation or anything similar. The prices for booking a magician are mainly determined by supply and demand. Therefore, all my assessments should be taken with caution, and there may be significant deviations in individual cases.

The guests are watching and enjoying the magic show by Fabian Schneekind.

What factors determine the price for a magician?

If you are not from the entertainment industry yourself, it may be difficult to understand why many magicians charge fees starting in the upper three-digit range and going well into the four-digit range for just a few hours of work.

Therefore, I would like to explain the factors that are relevant for pricing.

1. Supply and demand

The main factor determining the magician’s fee is supply and demand. In cities where many events take place, there is a high demand for entertainment artists. If there are only a few magicians who have the desired experience and quality, then prices go up.

2. The date of your event

Closely linked to supply and demand is the date on which you plan your event.

The most popular days for celebrations are Fridays and Saturdays. Requests often accumulate on these days. But since magicians cannot split themselves, many of them charge higher prices on these days. Some magicians offer lower prices on the less popular weekdays.

The same applies to December. Numerous Christmas parties take place, and the demand is so high that it can hardly be met. Consequently, many magicians charge higher prices for their performances in December than in other months.

3. Travel distance

The farther the travel distance and the associated time expenditure, the more the magician will charge for their performance.

4. Duration of the performance

Many magicians offer hourly rates and are paid accordingly. The longer they are there, the more they cost. I don’t do that. Instead, I always offer a fixed price for the event. I am happy to explain why I do this over the phone if you are interested.

5. Effort

The more elaborate the performance is in preparation, the higher the price will be. For example, if customers want an individual show with their products, which has to be developed and rehearsed in advance, this will increase the price. Many magicians also charge for on-site pre-talks, for which they have to travel, or they include them in the overall price.

In addition, there are certain types of magic that require more planning and work than others. A stage illusionist who brings and sets up two trucks full of equipment will generally charge a higher price than a comparably good close-up magician.

6. Sympathy

Magicians are humans and appreciate being treated kindly and respectfully. While I am not aware of any cases where a magician offered lower prices because they liked the customer, the opposite does happen.

Customers who speak condescendingly to the magician or behave disrespectfully in other ways occasionally get a small price increase in the offer. It’s a kind of “pain and suffering” compensation for the magician, who has to work with difficult people.

7. Region

The economic strength of the region in which the magician performs also plays a role. In cities with high living costs such as Munich or Stuttgart, magicians charge more money for their performances than equivalent magicians in Berlin or Hamburg. Therefore, it can happen that a magician from Berlin is booked in Munich, and it is still worthwhile for all parties involved despite the long journey.

The bride and groom stand arm in arm with their backs to the photographer. You can see the face of the magician at their wedding and the faces of their guests. They stand in a semicircle around the couple and listen attentively to the wedding magician Fabian Schneekind.

How much does it cost to book a magician?

In the end, the price which the magician will provide for you is determined by all of these factors. Since not all magicians are the same, I will give you the prices for several different types of magicians. All of the following price ranges are based on my experiences in the Berlin and Brandenburg region. In more economically prosperous regions, the costs may be higher than those listed here.

Children’s Magicians: For a professional children’s magician, you can expect a price range of 250 to 650 euros.

Event Magicians: Event magicians who offer a mixed program often charge between 1200 and 2500 euros.

Close-up Magicians: Close-up magicians who do not offer a stage show often charge by the hour. Prices of 150-800 euros per hour are common.

Wedding Magicians: You can plan the budget for wedding magicians similarly to wedding photographers. Prices here are around 1200 to 3000 euros.

Corporate Magicians: Corporate magicians charge similar prices to wedding magicians. If they are used at trade shows or provide customized shows to promote certain products, their prices can be much higher. Prices range from about 1200 to 8000 euros.

Stage Magicians/Illusionists: Magicians who bring large equipment naturally incur more costs than magicians who travel with just hand luggage. Accordingly, their prices typically start at 4000 euros and go up to mid-five-figure amounts.

At a company party, the magician Fabian Schneekind shows his full skill and brings employees and colleagues to laughter and amazement.

How can I get the most for my money?

If you know the price-determining factors for magicians, it will be easier for you to get a good deal through careful planning.

Please remember that a high price does not automatically guarantee high quality.

You can also pay a lot of money and still only get a mediocre or embarrassing magician. Similarly, sometimes you can find a magician who can do much more than their price suggests.

Therefore, it is important that, regardless of price, you pay attention to certain indicators that tell you whether a magician is worth their money. Your personal impression on the phone is particularly important, but videos, photos, and reviews are also important. I have summarized more detailed information on how to find the best magician for your event in a post: How to recognize a good magician?

With the help of all this information, it will be easier for you to find and book the right magician for your party.

The guests at this high class event are laughing, when the magician Fabian Schneekind shows his magic.

Fabian Schneekind

I have been a professional magician and illusionist for many years, specializing in business and networking events, team building activities, and Christmas parties. Additionally, I have focused on breaking the ice between guests as a wedding magician. In my blog, I aim to share my experiences with event planners to make their planning process easier. Furthermore, I enjoy imparting my knowledge to aspiring magicians to provide them with insights into the life of a professional magician.